Select Credits:


  • Unannounced AAA Game- Audio Editing
  • Doomwheel (2017 iOS/Android Game)- Score- WEBSITE
  • Pachinko Slaughterhouse (2017 iOS/Android Game)- Score and SFX
  • Kleptocrats (2017 Mobile Game, made with the Mintz Group)- Score and SFX
  • Love & Legends (2017 iOS/Android Game)- Score
  • Antipole DX (2016 3DS/Wii U Game)- SFX
  • Castaway! Love’s Adventure (2016 iOS/Android Game)- Score- WEBSITE
  • Gangsters In Love (2016 iOS/Android Game)- Score- WEBSITE
  • Pixel Prison Blues (2015 30 Player Game)- Score and Sound Design (from the designers of Killer Queen and WB Games)- WEBSITE – GAMEPLAY VIDEO
  • Defragmented (2016)- Sound Design- WEBSITE
  • Sausage Bomber (2016 iOS/Android/Apple TV/Android TV Game)- Theme Song- WEBSITE
  • Astoria: Fate’s Kiss (2015 iOS/Android Game) – Score- WEBSITE
  • Fuego! (2015)- Additional Audio – WEBSITE
  • Battle High 2: A+ (2015 XBOX One Game) – Additional Sound Design/Music Arrangement – WEBSITE
  • Animal Space Party (2015 Internet Game) – Sound Design- PLAY
  • Protocol X57 (2015 Crowdsourced Logitech Game)- Score and Sound Design – WEBSITE
  • Blackwell Epiphany (2014)- Closing Credits Theme- WEBSITE
  • Super Ressom (2015 Mobile Game)- Score –WEBSITE
  • That Rock Paper Scissors Game (2015)- Sound Design- WEBSITE


  • Oceans VR: Net Positive (Created for The Economist, shown at the NYFF)- Audio Lead- WATCH


  • Meet The Light- A Kid Icarus 30th Anniversary Tribute Album (BANDCAMP)


  • Daily Dose (Amazon App Store Exclusive)- Theme Music- WATCH
  • How Do I Jump?- Theme Music
  • The Hall Way- Theme Music- WEBSITE
  • Games, Seriously- Theme Music- WEBSITE
  • Fourplay- Theme and Promo Music- WEBSITE
  • The Backlog- Theme Music – WATCH


  • Symphonalia (2015 Code Liberation LadyJam Game)- Audio Design
  • Who Am I? (2014 Super Love Jam Game)- Score and Sound Design
  • Happy Place (2014 Global Game Jam)- Score- WEBSITE
  • Project: Brain Slug (2014 Global Game Jam)- Score/Sound Design- WEBSITE


  • Underneath (2015 Movie)- Score
  • Seedling (2012 SVA Thesis Animation)- Score  WATCH


  • Tritendo- Menu Music
  • Burglars Bounty- Trailer Music- WATCH
  • Various Games/Apps for the Comcast Store in Chicago, IL (Score and Sound Design)
  • Pixel-Thingy Songs (2014 Mobile App)- Sound Design- WEBSITE
  • Potterworld Minecraft- Background/Trailer Music- WEBSITE
  • Mahou Shojo (Card Game)- Trailer/Promotional Music –WEBSITE
  • Splatterbomb (Boardgame)- Promotional Music- LISTEN
  • Unlockable- Sound Effects – WEBSITE

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