10463913_10101027952551902_7256794176398956096_nIn addition to the work I do writing music and designing sound effects for games, I also speak extensively on game audio. Through Playcrafting, Game Dev House, and IDGA NJ, I have taught classes on sound design, as well as collaborating with composers to “level up” your game’s audio.

Speaking engagements include: Playcrafting NYC and Boston (starting in 2014), Game Dev House (August 2014), IGDA Baltimore (August 2014), Code Liberation (starting in 2014),  IGDA NJ (November 2014), MAGFest (January 2015 and February 2016), PAX East (March 2015), East Coast Games Conference (April 2015 and 2016), PAX Prime (August 2015), Gameacon (October 2015), IGDA NYC (November 2015), Baltimore Game Lab (May 2016), and Bay State College (May 2016).

If you would like to have me speak at an upcoming event, feel free to get in contact!

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