Original Music

On this page, you can listen to a selection of my original compositional works. I’ll be sure to add more works to this page as recordings become available.

Chamber Orchestra Demo (ft. Leann Erickson)

A very wistful, gentle piece of music that I wrote. Features my friend Leann on the flute.


The City, Late on a Rainy Night

A fun, bossa-inspired jazz tune performed by myself on guitar, along with my colleagues from Montclair State University in 2008 on bass and drums.

The Night (Night Falls Again– For Orchestra

A short piece written in order to explore orchestral writing. Through its use of dissonance, it invokes images of the creepy, crawly things that go bump in the night, or something like that. Please note that this recording is from a sight-reading session conducted at Montclair State University in 2010.


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