“Alyssa brought incredible professionalism and talent to her role in our latest project. As an independent developer, funds are our most valuable asset, and Alyssa’s services were well worth the investment. She delivered excellent work and we would be happy to collaborate with her any time.” -James Johnston, Glass Knuckle Games

“Alyssa is an absolute joy to work with – she’s creative, friendly and confident and is always willing to put in the work to make sure she’s delivering exactly what you want. She does it all while being just as excited for the finished product as you are, which really makes the entire work relationship fun.” -Joe Walker, Creator of the Backlog and the SpaceKappa gaming channel on Youtube

“Since I didn’t really a clue about what the background music should even be [for Dumb Dojo], Alyssa was able to find a whole new angle to our game and figure out what it needed. The music added a ton more to the overall feel of the game and was definitely worth every penny!” -Carson Stacy, GhostWhale

“Alyssa’s is a great sound designer and musician to work with.  She’s quick yet thorough and is open to suggestion and changes.  I know that I can always count on Alyssa for my sound design needs.” -Matthew DeLucas, Mattrified Games

“Saving me hours of work of struggling with a virtual instrument, Alyssa Menes was able to fill in the exact niche I needed with live instrumental playing, and the results were spot-on. She took the time to get it right, and was in constant communication with new revisions and improvements based on feedback. There were a number of elements that I left up to her, and I’m glad I did, as she was able to get the style exactly right. A talented personable professional, Alyssa is a pleasure to work with.” – Jean-Marc Giffin, Handelabra Games