Networking at MAGFest

Hey everyone! Since MAGFest is happening this weekend, I thought I would write a quick blog post detailing some networking tips for the festival. Previously, I wrote a post about what you should be doing at a game developer meetup, so please refresh on that post for more information how to network at events.

Now, MAGFest is super fun- it’s a 4-day festival full of games, music, friends, and lots of crazy surprises. But for some, it’s a fantastic networking opportunity as well. For those of you looking to break into the game industry, MAGFest boasts a growing showcase of indie developers.

It’s definitely worthwhile visiting the developers here and speaking with them about their games. Bring business cards as well.

And if you don’t have business cards on hand, never fear. Staples offers a same day turnaround on business cards orders, and there’s a location super close to the Gaylord. Go order some now.

The other great thing about MAGFest is that there’s plenty of opportunity to meet established developers and composers in the industry- attend some panels, and be sure to ask questions. Generally, everyone in the games industry is super helpful and would love to give advice on how to break into the industry. Just ask!

For those of you looking to break into game audio, I will be running a panel this year that will help you out! Please come by on Saturday 1/7 at 7:30– I’ll be there with fellow composers Marc Straight and Ben Burnes talking about the wonderful world of game audio. It’ll be fun!

As always, feel free to discuss this blog post with me on Twitter.

Enjoy your MAGFest!


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